EV Academy is a UK-based online school which has the UK's National Curriculum at the heart of its curriculum and teaching standard. EV Academy is a project that is led by EV Trust – registered organisation that proudly represents over 40 of the UK’s independent schools. For many years, EV Trust has been awarding scholarships to students across different countries.

EV Academy represents one of the few schools who are seizing the opportunities and developments within online education and taking it to new areas of the world. We bring the best aspects of the British education system to the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Our aim is to ensure that the experience they receive at EV Academy is equal to the very best experience they might have in an actual British classroom.




To gain a Primary School qualification (SATs)



Achieve your Secondary School qualification (GCSE)


Sixth Form

Post-16 qualification (A-level)


Students in a Science Class


  • A range of core subjects are being offered including Mathematics, English Language, English Literature and Sciences. 

  • Students are taught not only in the classroom but are also encouraged to develop their skills as autonomous, independent learners. This is achieved by completing various academic projects aided by the teachers guidance at each stage of this process.

  • We boast an active and well-supported learning community where our students are positively encouraged to involve themselves in a range of online clubs where they can develop friendships as well as expand their social skills.

Teacher and Student


We offer a number of ways you and your child can interact with activities being held at EV Academy. We use Microsoft Teams as a platform and forum where parents can join weekend activities including: how to use the internet safely with your child, how to answer your child’s questions on their learning, how to help with their homework, etc. 


For students we offer extra-curricular projects for example how to form a charity project or perhaps fundraising for a particular cause. We also have recreational activities including; yoga, PE, dancing, art and a number of other popular and beneficial pursuits. 


Part of our Duty of Care for all our students involves teachers and teaching assistants taking an active interest in students’ general welfare and happiness while they are studying with us at the academy. If students have any concerns or worries about any aspect of their lives, as well as how particular circumstances may be affecting their ability to grow with us as learners, the teachers or teaching assistants will contact the parents at the earliest possible convenience to discuss how we can support difficulties in individual students’ circumstances.


Dr Jonathan Clarke

Dr Jonathan Clarke is Head of Education at EV Academy.  Jonathan has more than 10 years’ experience delivering a teaching program within a range of specialised areas in the education sector.  A PhD supervisor, teacher and project manager at Warwick and Loughborough University, he has been responsible for a wide variety of complex projects.  A cross disciplinary manager bridging fields from Aeronautical to Electronics and Computer Science.


“Without a deep physical understanding of what they are learning, comprehension is difficult, and future application and benefit is questionable.  Memorising facts out of context is of little value in an internet connected world.  At EV Academy I prepare students to excel academically, not just to pass exams.”


Jonathan has delivered technology master-classes to students, up to and including PhD level, in groups of one to over two hundred. He is uniquely placed to deliver EV Academy’s STEM content.

UK Address :

Westgate House, Royland Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire, United Kingdom, LE11 2EH

Office in Vietnam:

Tầng 6 tòa nhà Việt Á Tower, số 9 Duy Tân, Cầu Giấy, Hà Nội

Office in China: 

11/F, CapitaMall Office, No.64 South 2nd Ring Road, Yanta District, Xian, 710065, China.

Phone: +44 (0)1509 560 997

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