EV Academy is a pioneering and ambitious international school, forging a progressive new path in online education. It is a project that is led by EV Trust – a non-profit organisation that proudly represents over 40 UK’s independent schools. For many years, EV Trust has been awarding scholarships to students across different countries.

EV Academy represents one of the few schools who are seizing the opportunities and developments within online education and taking it to new areas of the world. We bring the best aspects of the British education system to the comfort and convenience of your own home. 


We pride ourselves on making a student’s experience at EV Academy one in which they themselves are contributing creatively and passionately to the learning process. We value and help learners to find their own voice and be confident with their own conclusions. We do this through the process of discussion, analysis and having their ideas gently challenged to ensure they are stretched and tested as scholars, worthy of their place at the academy. 


Our aim is to ensure that the experience they receive at EV Academy is equal to the very best experience they might have in an actual British classroom. 


Working on the forefront of online education, we are keenly aware of how to use the most modern means of delivery to ensure all elements are as real as they would receive in an actual classroom. Being online, we manage to sidestep some of a physical classroom’s less favourable features but manage to retain its positive ones. We can naturally avoid behaviour issues, through students not occupying the same physical space, yet we do maintain the other beneficial aspects; a real teacher, teaching a real live lesson, communicating collectively or individually to real students in real-time. 

"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid".


Albert Einstein

We believe that every learner is unique and often learns best through being offered a range of learning styles; visually, aurally as well as kinaesthetically, or to put it simply, through what they see, hear and most importantly have the opportunity to put into practice.  


We believe all students are born with the same potential and have the same right to be developed and nurtured as learners. We see our job as educationalists, not so much in transferring information to students by talking at them, but rather by finding their style of learning, or portal, where they themselves can become independent and autonomous scholars. 


Being online, and not culturally restricted, EV Academy is in the privileged position of being able to offer a world of opportunity which otherwise may be limited.



Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.


Albert Einstein

Students have the opportunity to build a strong and meaningful relationship and dialogue with their own regular teacher, as well as peer group. Lessons are designed to suit the ability of all learners and differentiated learning is expected and facilitated by our teachers. Teaching staff often have years of experience within an English mainstream school offering this same differentiation to help all learners equally. 


We are proud to say that at the top end, we have a great many gifted and talented students presently studying with us, all of whom have been recipients of national or international awards in maths and sciences subjects.


We constantly like to encourage feedback from students, parents, governors and ambassadors to ensure we are always open and receptive to new ideas and ways of working. For this reason we have a number of forums where different groups with different relationships to EV can be heard and have their ideas taken seriously. We are pleased to say that thus far on our journey we’ve received 100% satisfaction from parents who truly believe their sons or daughters are getting the very best education they can. 


Students are taught in timetabled sessions and in class sizes of no more than 20. Every pupil can be seen by the teacher and there are assistants on hand to offer support and extra guidance where necessary. 


After the teacher has welcomed the students, they will teach a typical classroom session where pupils do much more than simply watch. We want active participants at EV Academy, rather than passive spectators. Therefore from the outset of the lessons students will be encouraged to find and develop their academic voices. This could be through being asked to contribute verbally, write their ideas or thoughts in the chat facility or using the ‘hand up’ feature to notify the teacher if they wish to speak at any point during the teaching session.  


As well as having the opportunity to work individually and thrive, without risk of being distracted by others, they will also be able to communicate with their peers at appropriate times where discussion or debate is required. This could be where they are presenting their work to the class or where they are responding constructively regards the work of classmates. 


The classroom assistant, as well as the teacher, will monitor the level of each student’s interaction and response to questions, and gently nurture their confidence where necessary.  Students are able to speak with the classroom assistant or teacher privately if they wish to discuss any aspect of their learning experience, should they have any difficulties.



On behalf of the staff, children and governors, I am delighted to welcome you to EV Academy.

EV Academy is a unique online learning portal. We believe passionately in ‘education for all’, as such we support any aspiring student to reach their potential with internationally recognised qualifications in Maths, English and Science.

We have an expanding range of learning environments, online classrooms, on demand pre-recorded lessons, interactive sessions and online puzzles/homework.  With a growing repository of instructional videos and puzzles our children learn in a structured way; tracking and exceeding the skill levels expected internationally.  We are constantly developing all areas of the school to support our curriculum.  I feel particularly strongly that our online school provides world leading inclusive material for students with specific learning difficulties, subtle changes make a powerful difference and help everyone learn more effectively.

With the changing nature of the world we live in, robots dominating factories with increasing levels of automation even in skilled tasks, it is important we teach the citizens of tomorrow.  At EV Academy we pride ourselves in teaching reasoning skills and physical understanding.  We not only give our pupils the tools they need, we teach them how to use the tools skilfully and with creativity.  Computers can solve equations. We teach our students to generate the equations that solve real world problems!

We provide access to this high-quality education to students globally.  We teach our internationally recognised curriculum in clear British English, with a broad range of foreign-language support.  We have a dedicated team of teachers, translators, presenters and a highly skilled technical team.

We would like you to come and experience learning with us.  We offer a broad range of introductory lessons. Please browse our website to find more details.

As you have seen here and will see throughout our website, I am very proud of our children and the staff that are making such a big difference to lives.

I hope you will join us at EV Academy!

Dr Jonathan Clarke



Just like students in the UK, EV Academy international students gain a UK Certificate that is valid worldwide. If further assistance is required during the registration process, students may contact the school for timely assistance.

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