There are a number of ways we support international students. We have dedicated call centres in Vietnam and China with experienced staff, who are able to listen to any concerns you have and can do so in your mother language. They will then take these concerns and ensure that they are relayed to the correct person and dealt with as soon as possible. This service is available 24/7. 


We also have further support for international students with helpers and classroom assistants who likewise speak their mother language and can support students in the classroom as well as outside of lesson time. 


We offer IT support to you in your own language whether that’s Vietnamese, Chinese or English and we’re working towards making this a 24-7 service also. 


To support new students we have a large network of representatives to talk to you about how you can start your journey with EV Academy. 

Key Stage 2

Learners from 9 years of age can begin their journey with EV Academy and take opportunity to develop themselves as all-round learners, adept in self-expression and creativity as well as enlarging their scope and experience in the more familiar areas of maths and sciences. 

Key Stage 3

Years 7-9, focus on preparing the groundwork for pupils to feel equipped to take on the challenge and demands of the IGCSE, which they begin in Years 10 & 11. Each of the subject syllabuses and accompanying schemes of work are tailored to give students a thorough grounding in the fundamental aspects within each of the core subjects. Work, year-on-year, on the most foundational and important skills are revisited and layered with increasingly complexity each time, finally building within the individual learners, a solid base of understanding with which to meet the requirements of the IGCSE level. 


How we teach

Students will study online 4 days of the week with 3 sessions each day. Each session is 45 minutes long with a 15 minute break between each one. From 12:30 pm UK time.

Learning tools: Computers, phones, headsets with microphone, good internet connection and easy typing, preferably devices with a larger screen to protect the eyes of children.

Chemistry Students

Tuition Fee

(excluding exam fees and personal learning equipment)


International students, part-time  

£270/ subject/term

£810/ subject/year

International students, full-time 



Summer camp 2 weeks


Notes for international students:

(a) All refunds will be completed by EV in approximately 2 weeks to 6 months from receipt of the request.

(b) Schedule may change after consultation with parents during regular class meetings.

Women Holding Hands


Parent’s Events 

In addition to the regular school activities, we also organise activities in any countries where we have many students who are studying with EV Academy. These activities are aimed at assisting parents to build a healthy community and participate in their children's learning journey.


Student’s Events

To maximise the application of what is learned to real life, we encourage students to attend extracurricular events and activities.  Events and contests will give students the opportunity to express themselves and connect with their peers in a healthy way.  This is also an opportunity for teachers to discover hidden talents, and evaluate the results of their teaching through the practical projects of the students.

Community Activity

The organisation of volunteer activities helps students nurture and improve the sense of social responsibility. We consider this a very important part of our educational activities. In the long term, we want to go through these activities to introduce students to the happy experiences of helping the community. Naturally, our students are aware of the importance of balance, which contributes to their general happiness and well-being.