Primary Qualification (Sats)

This course is designed for young learners who would like to learn English and other core subjects in English. The course is designed to follow the UK’s Primary national curriculum. 

Teacher and Kids in Library


The classroom has tutors/translators, allowing the teacher to address the problems and concerns of each student. This ensures that each student receives teachers attention and promotes personalized learning wherever possible. The lessons are every week and each lesson is recorded. This means that students and parents can review the lesson at any time, ensuring that no section or topic is left behind without being fully understood.

A student who successfully complete the course should be able to communicate fluently in English, express themselves effectively and are willing to listen to, respect other people’s opinions. Students will be offered to complete a mock exam to get their SATs qualification.

Tuition Fee: 300 GBP/subject/year


At EV Academy, the vision is for every graduate to aspire to knowledge and develop oneself. They will actively seek learning opportunities in all aspects of their lives and will bring the knowledge and foundational skills necessary to excel in the learning challenges ahead. Large schools recognize that learning is lifelong, so at EV Academy we refuse to focus on maximizing short-term seasonal classes. Instead, the priority is current learning but to equip every student to thrive in the long run.







Sats (Standard Assessment Tests) measure children’s educational achievement at primary school, with the ultimate aim of holding schools to account for the attainment of their pupils and the progress they make.

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