Secondary Qualification (GCSE)

This course is designed for secondary students who would like to learn English and other core subjects in English. The course is designed to follow the UK’s Secondary National Curriculum.



A student who successfully completes the course should be able to communicate fluently in English, express themselves effectively and are willing to listen to, respect other people’s opinions. Students can register and attend the GCSE examination with any approved assessment centre around the world.


Students will study online for 4 sessions 1 week, 3 shifts per session, 45 minutes per shift and 15-minute breaks in between. From 12pm UK time.

Learning tools: Computers, phones, headsets with microphone, good internet connection and easy typing, preferably devices with a larger screen to protect the eyes of children.

Tuition Fee: 300 GBP/subject/year



During the unit, students communicate with teachers and each other through a variety of means. Voice, text, whiteboard, notes, voice recorder, presentation, screen sharing and web browsing are just a few options. Individual students may be required to work through specific examples, share their work or classroom leadership. By giving every student the opportunity to text teachers directly and privately, it means that no questions will be asked without the teacher listening and answering.


Each course provides access to the entire subject curriculum; This is available for access anytime anywhere. All lessons are recorded digitally and once the lesson has been submitted, students can review the lesson transcript. Topic materials can help students track exactly what they need. It is a great resource to assist students to consolidate their studies, master difficult concepts and prepare for exams.


If for any reason a student has missed a lesson (due to force majeure), they can view the entire lesson through the school's digital archive.






Students Typing at Their Computers



Students save time, money and effort while studying at EV Academy. Our students have more opportunities to relax and spend more time with family. During the design processing we also made a number of efforts to optimize all resources, helping to fit the available budget of every family. The curriculum at EV Academy class includes English Literature, Math and Science. EV Academy students also have weekly instruction along with long-term projects, which will be delivered at the end of the term. With an active and supportive community in high school, EV Academy students can form safe groups, clubs and social media environments where young children can practice in the world’s digital society in a confident, cognitive and intellectual manner.

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